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Pokemon – Black Version

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Pokemon Black is a video game that Game Freak developed back in 2010 and later released it for the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Black and White are the first Pokemon games to be released in the 5th Generation of the franchise. Japan didn’t see them hit the stores until September the 18th of 2010. Europe received their first copies on March the 4th 2011. North American Received their’s March the 6th 2011, and Australia March 10th, 2011.

Pokemon Black follows the same concepts as the previous pokemon roms. A young Pokemon Trainer who takes on a courageous journey through the land of Unova. Some of the things you’ll be doing as a Pokemon trainer are. Catching, training, and bonding with the different pokemon in the game, going up against some of the best trainers in the world of Unova, and fighting off the infamous Gang “Team Plasma” from executing their evil plans.

There are 156 new Pokemon introduced in this title which sets a new mark for the most new species of Pokemon in a game(previously set by Red and Blue). A number of new features come packaged as well. Things like Seasonal cycles, rotating battles, and full triple battles/Pokemon sprite animations. While Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are separateĀ  Pokemon titles they practically do follow the same transcript. And you still have to trade with one another in order to finalize your Pokemon black Pokedex.

Pokemon Black has received some good and bad reviews. Some of the good reviews come towards the added advancements in the gameplay, unique yet complex game plot along with some of the newer Pokemon that was introduced. The bad news came against the character designs. Stating that they were not completely sold on them and the innovation wasn’t enough to separate away from previous Pokemon games.

With all of that said Pokemon black still was a huge hit. Selling over 1 million pre orders and 5 million before January 2011. When March 2015 came Pokemon Black and White combined to achieve 15 million in copies sold. Even though Diamond and Pearl outsold them. This was still one of their best selling titles for the Nintendo DS.

Pokemon Black is your typical Pokemon RPG. You have your third person overview, and your 3 basic screens that are made up of the world of Unova, a simple battle screen, and you have your menu that displays everything from items to the game-play settings. As a rookie Pokemon Trainer you’ll start off with one Pokemon, but you have 6 open slots to carry 5 more Pokemon(even though you’ll be able to catch more). You still have your PC which will be able to store any more Pokemon you catch. You can find these PC’s in Pokemon centers which happens to be a place of reviving and healing of low health Pokemon. There are also people inside to interact with and some of them ask you to do things with rewards in return.

Some of the Pokemon in the game can evolve into different forms. To trigger these evolution’s you must meet certain criteria such as a specific level or by using evolution stones. Your beloved Pokemon can learn up to 4 moves which include attacking/healing/status condition moves. Each Pokemon has a total of 6 stats that are really good to understand if you want to be a Pokemon master. These stats are Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed/HP(hit Points). The attack stat is basically moves that come in physical contact with other Pokemon. The special attacks are moves that inflict damage to other Pokemon without physical contact. An example for a special attack would be the move flamethrower which is fire shot from a pokemons mouth. You have 17 types of of moves and the maximum of 2 types a Pokemon can have: Normal, Fire, Grass, Electric, Ghost, ice, Bug, Steel, Poison, Rock, Dragon, Dark, Flying, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Water. You can expect a Pokemon moves to be corresponded to the type it is. Each and every Pokemon type is either weak or resistant to another type. Water is weak against Grass type moves, strong against fire type Pokemon, and neutral to normal type moves.

Whenever you’re out and about in the wild you’ll quickly realize that your screen will turn black for a few seconds. This is to let you know that either a Pokemon battle has occurred with another trainer or you have crossed paths with a wild Pokemon. During this battle you’re presented with four different options. You can either fight the wild Pokemon (although you must fighter the trainer as there is no running from a trainer match), flee from it, switch to a different Pokemon, or use one of your items. Sometimes you won’t be able to run from the stronger wild Pokemon. Your Pokemon will faint if there HP reaches 0 and the only way of reviving them is using a special items like revive or visiting one of the many Poke centers. In contrast if you happen to defeat the trainer or wild Pokemon, your Pokemon will receive exp(experience points). If you use multiple Pokemon during a battle then the EXP gets split evenly. Receiving a lot of EXP will eventually cause your Pokemon to level up as well as increase the 6 stats mentioned earlier. You also have the option of leveling up your Pokemon by bringing them to a Day Care. Another cool thing you can do is breed 2 Pokemon to create a baby at the Day care.

The world of Unova is consisted of numerous towns and cities that are interconnected together via routes. Alongside the waters and paths are where you’ll meet different types of pokemon. You’ll take on numerous Poke trainers in towns, around caves, even in the water! Take note that there are 8 gyms in Unova. And in each gym there is a Gym Leader who is a Master of a specific type of pokemon. Before you get to face the Gym leader you have to take on his or her grunts. After successfully defeating the grunts and Gym Leader you’re presented a a Gym Badge. You need to collect all 8 of the Gym Badges in order to unravel the very tough Pokemon League. This is where you get to take on the coveted “Elite 4” and the ultimate Pokemon Champ. While scurrying the world of Unova, you’ll come across different types of items that are scattered on the ground. You can also purchase items from the Local Poke Marts. Things like pokeballs, potions that’ll heal your pokemon, escape ropes, and much much more! Another thing to note is that TM’s which are moves you can teach your Pokemon without having to wait for your Pokemon to level up on his or her own. HM’s which are Hidden Machines are really important moves you must teach your Pokemon in order to advance through the Pokemon rom.

**New features**

Pokemon Black graphics have drastically changed. Previous dialog boxes in past games have been enhanced with “Speech Ballons” that pop out over peoples heads, which in turn gives everybody a chance to say something all at once!. Players from Japan have the option to display kanjii on top of their screen instead of the main two choices katakana & hiragana. Full fledged animations are still presents as well as the camera turning different angles to highlight different parts of pokemon duels. Day and night are still a thing and the seasonal cycles that were introduced in Pokemon Black and white are still here. Leaves changing different colors and beautiful white snow hitting the ground during winter are some of the examples of the seasons changing. You’ll notice throughout the game that you can only reach specific regions during different seasons, and that some of the wild Pokemon are only available during certain seasons. Pokemon like Sawsbuck and Deerling will camouflage corresponding to the current season.

Two brand new mechanics for Pokemon dueling have been announced. Rotational and Triple duels. Each trainer has to throw out 3 Pokemon all at once. You have Pokemon on the left and Pokemon on the right and can only attack the other Pokemon who happen to be on the same side or the center. If you decide to change positions you give up 1 turn. Just like the Triple duels, Rotational duels still send out 3 Pokemon, but they’ll be grouped together forming a circle that you can rotate through. Pokemon Black features the Rotational Duels more than Pokemon White, but Pokemon white has more Triple duels. Combination moves are a new thing now. You can train one of your starter pokemon to be able to use 1 of the 3 special moves, and if you happen to use them all together in a double or triple duel the attack will be significantly higher. Another neat thing is when you’re searching through the wild areas with tall colored grass you can end up in a Double battle with wild Pokemon, pretty cool huh?

If catching a rare Pokemon is on your mind then listen up. Because if you come across patches of grass and water that’s rippling then your in good shape. Rare pokemon are hidden in these types of areas. Pokemon who are more prevalent in the other games, and final forms of Pokemon are found here. Emolga, Audino, and Alomomola are examples of Pokemon who can only be caught this was. Caves with dustclouds, and Flying type Pokemon shadows that are around specific bridges can be entered. Once inside of them you’ll either find really rare items, or get a chance to see some more cool rare Pokemon like Swanna, Excadrill and Ducklett. Now Pokeballs that have been triggered by random events have higher chances of catching pokemon. New side quests and side games such as Musicals have been brought to Pokemon Black. One of the new side games has a similar feel to the Poke Contests found in older pokemon games. You also have the Battle Subway which is basically the Battle Frontiers and Battle Towers. And last but not least Royal Unova which is a cruiseship enables trainers to duel it out and receive other novelty rare items.