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The Best GBA Pokemon Rom Hacks You Need To Play

The Best GBA Pokemon Rom Hacks You Need To Play

There are a whole bunch of Pokemon GBA [Gameboy-Advance] ROM hacks on the internet waiting to be played by loyal Pokemon fans. So much in fact that it would take days maybe even weeks to list them all out.

But one thing that you should know is that no matter which one you decide to pick out of the bunch you’re going to have a lot of fun playing them. The creators of these hacked ROMS have altered them to fit their specific type of need.

Now some of you might have tried out a few of these ROMS already, but keep in mind the average Pokemon player might not know what these hacks are about, so let’s introduce them into a different realm of Pokemon adventures!. Download a few from the list and see if they’re something that can keep you drawn in into the Pokemon series.

Pokemon SnakeWood

pokemon snakewood download

Pokemon SnakeWood is a hack that is sure to give your a little scare!

It’s jam packed with awesome features that will keep you entertained for a long time. Culterine is the creator of this SnakeWood Pokemon ROM hack. This was also his first hack he ever finished!.

Pokemon Snakewood is a dark and frightful remake of the Pokemon Ruby version. A lot of the scenes in this game are quite thrill shocking, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya! OK so it’s not that scary, but it is interesting how he came about the theme of this ROM. This is something worthy of a download if zombie like worlds are your thing.

Download it here

Pokemon Vega

pokemon vega ss

Take an adventurous trip throughout the beautiful world of Tohoak where you’ll see 181 brand new fakemons in addition to 56 original Pokemon from newer generations. In this Pokemon hack, you’ll be able to train your fakemon with 70 new movesets as well as 87 moves from newer generations listen to a brand new soundtrack.

Pokemon Vega is one of the most sought after foreign Pokemon hacked roms, and now you have the chance to play this game in English. This game was designed by a few Japanese programmers who remade the original pokemon fire red version, and is a sequel to the Pokemon Altair version.

Download it here

Pokemon Insurgence

pokemon insurgence_ss

Pokemon Insurgence was released to the public in 2016. The creator is Suzerain who has developed a number of other Pokemon hacks. Pokemon insurgence comes with a lot of new features like custom made mega-evolutions, a brand new area known as Torren as well as a online battling & trading system

The game has a gloomy feel to it, but there is another way to play the game. If you’re not a big fan of constantly dying you have the option to switch the game to a friendlier version.

Download it here 

Pokemon Adventure red

Pokemon Adventure Red is a re-twist on the Pokemon Fire Red ROM and was released in 2013 by Aethestode. You continue your adventure from Pokemon Adventure Manga (which happens to be another Pokemon hack). Adventure Red is a really popular Pokemon game and has won a couple of awards.

There’s some really neat features in this game. Pokemon follow you, the ability to change your look, bonus events, some of the Pokemon have gotten much stronger while others are weaker, and much much more. If you liked the original Pokemon Fire Red then this might be something you would like to play.

Download it here

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium was developed for nine years by JV and Involuntary Twitch, and finally released in 2016. You start off in the brand new region of Tandor where you’re able to catch over 190 Pokemon which many of them being fan made.

When this game first released  over 150 million poke fans downloaded it.

Sadly this game was discontinued due to Nintendo requests, but many fans of the series have came together and created a community to continue this cool game!

A pretty cool feature they added was the option to choose between female, male, and a gender neutral player. Another note worthy thing to expect is in other Pokemon games you have a rival who tries their best to be better than. In Uranium you have a “rival” (and I use that term loosely) who picks a weaker Pokemon than you at the beginning . This helps the both of you create a positive bond with each other.

Download it here

Pokemon Mega Adventure

Pokemon Mega Adventure is a fan made Pokemon game released in 2017 by LeonDraceus. You start your journey off in the new region of Akito. Where over 721 Pokemon live (yes that’s a lot of Pokemon!). Akito has exactly 7 gyms spanning across 18 towns.

Some of the new features this game presents is a newly created Battle System, brand new sound-tracks, as well as enhance graphics. New items and moves are also available just as you would find in any Pokemon game.

Overall I would give this game a 8/10. It’s fun and I love how you can catch 721 Pokemon, so you’ll never get bored using the same Pokemon group like in other games.

Download it here

Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is a Pokemon Emerald remake. Amethyst (the creator)released this fan made game in 2015. You start off in the town of Reborn. Reborn is another dark theme styled Pokemon hack. Towns are full of petty crime and havoc.
Some of the newer features you can expect in this game are “field effects” which lead to exciting and unexpected ways you can approach a Pokemon battle.
The main plot is a bit geared to a more settled audience (even though younger fans can still enjoy this). Reborn gives you more detail about how Pokemon can die and be a threat to society. In other Pokemon games wild grass is a common area to find Pokemon, but reborn shy’s away from that making it a much more fun way to obtain a new Pokemon friend!. You also get to encounter shiny Pokemon more frequently, and these shinies differ a lot from previous generations.

Download it here

Pokemon Thunder Yellow

Pokemon Thunder Yellow is a spin off Pokemon Fire red. Feather (the maker) released early January of 2018. Just like in Pokemon Yellow you start off with a Pikachu sprite. Pokemon Thunder Yellows features are nothing to be to excited about. Things like the GB player which is a 8bit sound track player which enables you to listen to the older GBC soundtrack. The new Pikachu happiness game mode. Changed areas to catch new wild Pokemon, and a bit more.

Overall I give this a 6/10 nothing to innovative, but if you are looking to give a new shot at a Pokemon rom than this isn’t a bad go.

Download it here

Pokemon Edge Rising

Pokemon Edge Rising is another one of those “dark” spin off Pokemon games. Inferno is covered in black and red the overall theme is a bit horrifying to say the least. You play a character name Fang who is a teenage boy who craves revenge. Fang is set out to unveil a dark secret the city of Inferno is hiding.

Pokemon Inferno has a couple of intriguing features. First off the plot is really well written, and as you continue playing you get drawn into it more and more.
The region is really diverse. Characters have deep emotions tied into them
Over 25 new Fakemon have been created.
Your moral is a bit deep
NPCS say interesting stuff to you that potentially help you out
Portraits of the characters
There’s no TM or HM’s whatsoever.
You can speed up the game by pressing the ALT keystroke.